ACM Products owns and distributes various sports brands like Brute, By VP, Elite Sports, Pure 2improve, Ritual, RWLK, Scoop, Smartshake, Stag and XQmax Sports.


BRUTE stands for affordable combat sports equipment made for the novice and recreational boxer, kickboxer or Thai boxer. BRUTE offers a compact but complete collection. Ranging from boxing gloves for different martial arts, to speed bags, pads and protection. Want to find out if boxing is for you? Thanks to BRUTE’s excellent value for money, you can find out for a reasonable price. The comfortable padding and air holes provide a nice experience while training. The BRUTE Ambassador is Denise Kielholtz, also known as Miss Dynamite. She is a six-time World Kickboxing Champion, two-time Dutch Judo Champion, World Thai Boxing Champion and currently an MMA Fighter. Together with Denise, BRUTE has developed this new boxing line.


Robin Van Persie, well known as a technically gifted footballer nicknamed ‘The Flying Dutchman’. His successful football career has come to an end, however, he has not lost his scoring drive and perfection. Robin is an avid padel player who also turns out to be a genius to be a genius with a padel ball. This is how the By VP brand was born. A complete padel line, designed by Robin van Persie. 3 pillars are central: SCORING DRIVE REFINED LUXURY PERFECTION These pillars are translated through into the design of the complete collection, the outstanding quality and the brand’s identity. By VP has a complete collection that includes rackets, apparel, balls, bags and accessories. Both beginners and advanced players can find a suitable racket within the By VP collection.


PENN is a well-known player in the tennis ball world. In the United States, Penn is the market leader in tennis balls. Now ACM Products has a partnership with PENN where we can expand the product range in Europe. The range consists of high quality balls for the sports; football, indoor football, street football, rugby, volleyball and many more sports to come!


Pure 2improve is a reliable player in the rapidly developing worldwide market for fitness and performance equipment. Our vision with Pure 2improve is simple: we help athletes at any level to improve their performance. With Pure 2improve we strive to serve a wide spectre of athletes with an extensive range of equipment and accessories. In line with sustainable international trends, to be summarised as ‘a healthier lifestyle and more exercise’. We believe that the creation of innovative & distinctive products and services that appeal to consumers, are the key success elements. Pure 2improve offers a wide range of products for individual athletes, (semi)professional users, physiotherapists, rehabilitation clinics and health centres with an extensive assortment of fitness-, cardio-, team sport-, and golf equipment. Our R&D department is continually improving and developing new products to provide our consumers with a healthy and comfortable lifestyle ensuring enjoyment from your physical exercise. Our products target all age groups and genders. All the Pure 2improve products will help you bring your skills to the next level. With products that fit into every part of the training cycle: PREPARATION TRAINING RECOVERY A very important benefit of Pure 2improve is that all products are designed to create an explosive, injury-resistant athlete. Pure 2improve can extend the cycle by delivering functional, easy to use and durable products. We see that the role of internet as a sales channel grows in many markets. However, the specialised retail sector will continue to play a role in selling high-quality products, which require advice, an explanation of the added value and a well-organised after-sales service. Pure 2improve supports its retail partners with product training, an extensive line of promotional items and, of course, the best products!


Ritual is the elite brand among hockey brands. It is designed in Australia and made by specialists around the world. Ritual claims to make the very best best sticks. With a beautiful design and the precision in designing the stick they do to to the millimetre. The sticks are built for a specific style of play, with precise striking power and a superior feel. Equipment that looks good, without compromising in performance. Ritual has sticks that can be tuned to your personal game. Whether you are a traditional player, professional or goalkeeper. Ritual’s collection is very broad. They use 6 different types of moulds so that they have a perfection stick. In addition, they have created a mould especially for women, these sticks are called ‘Finesse’. These are thinner and also have a thinner grip.


20 years of experience on the highest level, driven by the desire to manufacture high quality gloves from German Latex. Crafted with passion, worn by the pro’s and of proven quality; RWLK-gloves are manufactured with the sole aim of providing goalkeepers only with the best material available. CRAFTED WITH PASSION PROVEN QUALITY WORN BY PROFESSIONALS RWLK by Ronald Waterreus. It started as a hobby. Just an idea, an idea to give young promising goalkeepers the chance to use the best possible goalkeepergloves. Gloves crafted with passion and of proven quality. Manufactured using premium quality German Latex only with the goalkeeper, professional or amateur alike, in mind. The combination of 20 years of experience in the pro ranks, expertise from the manufacturer and input of young talent from today gives us the possibility to stay up to date in today’s competitive market.


Scoop, a brand in the field hockey world with the finest materials and very bright designs. A tough line with stylish and contemporary colours in a sporty jacket. The ideal stick for an all-round player, who has both technology and a good tight pass. Scoop stands for nice designs, good quality and affordable prices.


Through constant research and innovation, the Smartshake company and product range has now developed to answer the needs of anyone living an active lifestyle. Today, as well as a shaker cup, users carry their Smartshake as a lunch box, water bottle, snack box, coffee cup or whatever they can think of. Smartshake has evolved from the gym to become a great lifestyle accessory for every occasion. The only limit is your imagination.


Stag is a high-quality Dutch hockey brand with more than 30 years of experience. The brand was founded by true hockey enthusiasts. Stag has a wide choice of materials, designs and prices. The vision behind the brand is therefore that hockey should remain accessible to everyone. Hockey is for everyone. Stag is back with modern techniques, materials, and new refreshing designs for young and old, for the novice player and the recreational player. Stag’s collection caters mainly to young ladies and children. This is reflected in the designs and the trendy pastel colours. Of course, the collection also has a unisex line. Stag uses 3 moulds, making it a narrow yet versatile collection.


XQ Max Darts has a wide darts range and maybe known from World Champion Michael van Gerwen back in the days. XQ Max guarantees hours of playing pleasure. The products are all made of the best quality. This high quality is characteristic of the brand. Whether you are a novice or advanced darter, XQ Max has the right products for you. Get the most out of yourself with XQ Max!