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BONZ® Soy Milk Shake

A perfect blend of freshly brewed soybean with milk that is smooth and silky. Made with Non-GMO Canadian Soybean and comes in 3 enticing flavours.
Flavours: Vanilla • Chocolate • Hazelnut • Packing: 240m1 x 24 • 20’GP Loading Capacity: 3030 cartons • Shelf Life: 24 months

BONZ® Corn Puff Snack

Addictive baked corn puff snack that chases away the mid-week blues, or perfect for a movie night with the family. Made using premium corn grits, baked and tossed in various spices. Once you start you cannot stop!
• Flavours: Cheese • Chilli Cheese • Chicken • Barbecue • Packing : (70g x 10)x 6 bags • 40GP Loading Capacity: 680 cartons a:Shelf Life: 12 months

BONZ® Cookie Snack

Cookies features a selection of classic and popular Southeast Asian cookies that is perfect for snacking at all times. Each cookie is conveniently packed individually to ensure freshness.
Flavours : Durian Musang King – Coconut Taro Hazelnut Chocolate – Crunchy Oat & Sesame • Packing: 100g x 24 40GP Loading Capacity : 1580 cartons • Shelf Life:18 months

BONZ® Corn Puff Snack

A nutritious breakfast on-the-go anytime, anywhere. Great for busy professionals who need a quick fill me up in the morning, during Jo overtime or simply on a roadtrip!
Flavours : Sweetcorn • Banana • Chocolate – Bandung (Rose) – Packing: 240m1 x 24 – 20GP Loading Capacity : 3030 cartons – Shelf Life: 24 months

BONZ® Crème Praline Dark Chocolate

Indulge in our curation of Tropical Fruit and Fusion flavoured Soft Crème Filling, encased in a Rich Dark Chocolate shell made with our exclusive Belgian recipe.
Flavours : Mango – Melon – Butterscotch Hazelnut • Durian – Packing: 90g x 24 • 201:F Capacity : 1250 cartons • Shelf Life: 18 months

BONZ® Chocolate Coated Coffee Bean

A carefully curated blend of aromatic whole roasted coffee bean enrobed in our classic or exotic fruits flavoured choco-late. Made from premium blend of primarily Brazilian coffee bean that are slow roasted to bring out the perfect aroma.
Flavours : Dark • Milk • Mango & Milk • Durian & Milk • Packing: 50g x 42 – 20RF Capacity: 1580 cartons • Shelf Life: 18 months

California Pitted Prunes

Enjoy a moist, plump and healthy super snack any time of the day. Each whole pitted prune is individually packed for freshness and is perfect whether for a picnic or as a school snack for the little ones. – Packing: 454g – Shelf Life: 12 months