Dyson Purifiers capture 99.97%
of fine allergen particles.

Air-purifying headphones with
active noise cancelling

Explore Dyson air purifiers by functionality

Dyson offers a range of advanced purifiers that remove gases and odors and capture 99.97% of
allergens and pollutants 0.3 microns in size.

Purify, humidify, and cool you

Purify and cool you

Purify, heat, and cool you

Get more from your Dyson with the MyDyson™ app▴

Expert guides and content

From quick-start and how-to guides to understanding different modes and screens. All tailored to you and your machines.

Automated filter alerts

You’ll never need to worry about when to replace your filter. We’ll let you know. Helping your machine to always perform at its best.

Tailored 24/7 support

Maintenance advice and troubleshooting, when you need it. You can also activate tailored machine support, direct to your inbox.
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